Media Training

Spokespeople ready to broadcast their message in the media

Drawing your image on the media

Linhas Comunicação develops training programs to improve the relationship of key executives or corporate spokespersons with the media. The program is divided into four stages: conceptual exhibition, media scenario in Brazil, crisis management and interview simulations. All conducted by market professionals and the agency itself.

After the training, Linhas Comunicação elaborates an analytical material with the main highlights of the interviews. In the end, the company receives an individual report to pinpoint the performance of its top spokespersons.

Collective success

The image of your brand or product is closely tied to the way you and your executives behave in interviews and events. Media Training helps preparing the institution’s key professionals for the relationship with the media, always aligned with the mission of the company and the values ​​that the organization wants to transmit to the market.

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