Reputation Management

Communication in the service of a good image

Your greater patrimony

Managing the reputation of a brand or product should be the main concern of companies. There are a number of cases in the world of large corporations that have seen their assets crumble because they have not bothered to dialogue with society throughout their history and when they are in a crisis situation they are extremely vulnerable or, in extreme cases, they cease to exist. Reputation is directly linked to three factors: user experience, corporate attitudes throughout its history, and ultimately third-party opinion, from traditional media or social networks, industry leaders and influencers.

Taking care of your image

Reputation Management brings together a series of services and solutions that involve risk mitigation, monitoring and identification of maneuvers for discredit, risk analysis, false information correction strategies, proactive communication strategy for dissemination of positive news, relationship with the most various publics and communities, among other actions.

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